Enrollment Closed!

New Years Challenge

Welcome to a new sparkling Athli Challenge!
Enrollment: December 10th (00:00 CET)
Challenge will be live from January 1st 2023 in Athli App.
Last day to start the challenge is January 10th.
Challenge ends: 25th of February

- Upload 3 pictures (Front/Side/Back) holding a sign with today's date + "ATHLI NYC23" See example from last years winners below.

- Make sure you have good lighting and a clean background.
- Fill in a brief story why you are joining this challenge
- When it's time for the after picture submission, please use the same/similar bikini/underwear, same pose and preferably same or similar background and fill in a brief story of how this challenge made you feel.

Winner: $2000 CASH!
2-3rd prize: $500 CASH!
4-5th prize: $150 CASH + reimbursement of current athli app subscription!
6-10th prize: Free year of athli app!

This challenge will be LIVE in athli app January 1st. That means you’ll need an active athli app subscription to participate ( download link to App Store here - Download link to Google Play here )

This challenge is 6 weeks long and can be done in the gym or at home. Equipment required is: Dumbbells (Light & Heavy) Long resistance band or cable machine, Booty band.

We will be doing 5 workouts per week + 2 cardio:
- Lower Body
- Upper Body
- Outdoor or treadmill walk
- Lower Body
- Upper Body
- Outdoor or treadmill walk
- HIIT/mixed session

Lifting sessions will be between 60-90 min long & cardio sessions are 60 min. Every week will finish with a shorter HIIT/mixed workout of 20-30min.

You’re all done!